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Floral & Fur | Fashion

Josie Kay

Ahh, when Bridal meets Fashion, there’s no place I’d rather be. This was a fun stylized shoot I thought up about a month ago, and with the help of some really talented people it all came together! I like that Brides are starting to make more untraditional fashion forward choices on their wedding day, and...

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Sneak Peek | Fashion

Today’s shoot was SO beyond amazing and fun! Excited to share more, but for now here’s a little teaser:      

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Phillip Van Nostrand


I just came across these! While in Vegas, back in February for a photography conference, I had the pleasure of shooting with some other photographers. It all started when my new friend, Phil, said I needed an updated Facebook profile picture (apparently, last summer’s blonde profile pic did not resemble the brunette standing before him...

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Wedding | Nashville, TN

Last weekend I had the amazing opportunity to shoot a wedding with my friend and fellow photographer, Sarah Barlow, in Nashville! This made me happy for three reasons: The wedding was with Sarah Barlow. The wedding was in Nashville, TN. The wedding was held at the Cannery Ballroom. Triple win. We could not have asked...

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3 Thrifting Tips to help you get started

1. GO IN WITH A GAME PLAN The number one complaint I hear from people about thrift shopping is; “It’s overwhelming. There is too much to look through”.  True story. It IS overwhelming, especially when it’s not organized well and there are piles of items to be sorted through. Go in with a game plan,...

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