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Cousins Class of 2012

Ahh! Seniors who are cousins! What could be better!? These girls are so special to me, they are family. Well practically family, sometimes I forget that we aren’t actually related. But, they are still FAMILY. Our Grandfathers went to college together, and built a true friendship that has carried on through two more generations. Our...

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31 bits.

This company has my heart. I truly admire the work that they are doing. I first read about 31 bits, on the lovely Promise Tangeman’s blog, she was also featured in 31 Bits new collection, The Haven. 31 bits is a jewelry company, but not just any jewelry company. These beautiful beads are handmade by...

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Cameron {NEWBORN}

Babies are fun! I especially like the 10 day old ones. This baby is extra amazing. He’s very chill, content and likes to sit on big comfy couches, he is basically the perfect baby to take to a coffee shop. I bet he likes Jack Johnson too… I recently had the opportunity to document Cameron’s...

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