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    American Poet, and one of my favorites, Mary Oliver asked; “So tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one WILD + PRECIOUS life?” Her question resonated with me personally and professionally and those two words became a mantra to drive my life and work.
    Personally, I am in love with the idea of life being WILD + PRECIOUS. Because it is. It’s fast + slow, big + small, crazy + simple…wild + precious. Life is full of these moments. Everyone has a story and I’m here to tell it.

The Parentals Turn 27!

This was a little photo shoot that I did last November and it was posted on my temporary blog…It was kinda special and I didn’t want to lose it, so with the amazing power of cut and paste technology (**two fist pumps**) here it is for your viewing pleasure…


Happy Wedding Anniversary to my parents! Twenty seven years ago they decided to become MR. & MRS. and started a  life together. A little later than some, they got married at 27 and 28 years old respectively and it worked for them. They have always told my brothers and I to follow the Lord’s plan for each of our lives, to seek Him first and find out who we are as individuals before we get married. I am so blessed to have them as my parents. They have each worked so hard and made many sacrifices for our family…they’ve been chauffeurs, boo-boo fixers, coaches, short-order cooks, teachers, cheerleaders, stay-up-with-a-sick-kid-all-nighters and every other oh so glamourous thing that comes with being a parent –of four! They are the kind of parents who never missed a game, always made time for family dinners and were really present in my childhood. And that is something I wouldn’t trade for all the tea in China.
The thing I admire most about my parents is when they made the choice to homeschool my older brother and I.  It wasn’t a common thing to do, they didn’t have support, and everyone told them they couldn’t, yet they did it anyway. They heard it from the Lord and obeyed. That’s been a huge part of my upbringing, never conforming. Having the freedom and encouragement instilled as a child to be  a unique individual, that is a total gift. Not every kid has that. So thanks Mom and Dad…y’all rock!
We recently did a little photo shoot to celebrate their upcoming anniversary…CHEERS TO 27 YEARS!


Dad is a hoot, and Mom has a great laugh. They go together like peas and carrots.



the moon was just starting to come out and my Dad says "get a picture of the moon between us!":)




Anniversary Shoots are the best idea since peanut butter and chocolate! Why document the wedding day then stop there. 27 years of lovin’ is like a wedding day on steroids.

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