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    American Poet, and one of my favorites, Mary Oliver asked; “So tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one WILD + PRECIOUS life?” Her question resonated with me personally and professionally and those two words became a mantra to drive my life and work.
    Personally, I am in love with the idea of life being WILD + PRECIOUS. Because it is. It’s fast + slow, big + small, crazy + simple…wild + precious. Life is full of these moments. Everyone has a story and I’m here to tell it.

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies


Mint = good

Chocolate = great

Mint Chocolate Chip cookies = SUPER-why-didn’t-I-ever-think-of-that-FANTASTIC!

I got this recipe from the fabulous photographer, and apparently baker, Clary (<—-check it out). She made these with her son. As soon as I read the recipe on her blog I had to make them. If it wasn’t 12:30 at night I probably would have run out to buy fresh mint and made them on the spot. My little brother helped me make these and they turned out really good. Like REEEALLY good. I love mint and chocolate together, but fresh mint is in a league of it’s own. I never would have thought to use it in cookies. Check out Clary’s recipe on her blog. Ours is a bit different, we have a big family and eat A LOT of cookies. We always make a double batch of any cookie recipe. So I guess ours is the super-size-me version. Go BIG or go home! But really you can use whatever secret family cookie recipe that your Grandma’s Grandma passed down, then just add mint. fresh of course.


1 cup of real butter

1 1/2 cup of white sugar

1 1/2 cup of dark brown sugar

4 eggs

4 teaspoonfuls of vanilla

2 teaspoonfuls of baking soda

1 teaspoonful of salt

4 cups of flour

1 – 12 oz bag of chocolate chips

fresh mint

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

this makes around 3 dozen cookies. I am not condoning raw cookie dough eating, however it does go down at our house on occasion. So I am not exactly sure how many cookies this actually makes:)

Mix butter, white and brown sugar in a bowl and cream together (either by hand or with a mixer). Then add eggs, vanilla, baking soda and salt, mix really really well. Then add the flour one cup at a time, while mixing. Last, but not least, mix in the chocolate chips…for the final touch add the mint. What we did was while my brother stirred, I used a pair of kitchen scissors and cut little tiny bits of mint directly into the batter. You don’t want a salad in a every bite, so the smaller the pieces the better -a little bit of mint really goes a long way!

I like my cookies ooey gooey and chewy so I like to bake them for about 8 minutes and take them out before they look done, then leave them on top of the stove for a few minutes to finish cooking. Place them on a cooling rack for a bit and your all set!


Try it. Let me know how much you love it!




Danielle - July 1, 2011 - 1:17 pm

Those look so good! I want to try them!

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