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    American Poet, and one of my favorites, Mary Oliver asked; “So tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one WILD + PRECIOUS life?” Her question resonated with me personally and professionally and those two words became a mantra to drive my life and work.
    Personally, I am in love with the idea of life being WILD + PRECIOUS. Because it is. It’s fast + slow, big + small, crazy + simple…wild + precious. Life is full of these moments. Everyone has a story and I’m here to tell it.

3 Thrifting Tips to help you get started


The number one complaint I hear from people about thrift shopping is; “It’s overwhelming. There is too much to look through”.  True story. It IS overwhelming, especially when it’s not organized well and there are piles of items to be sorted through. Go in with a game plan, if you don’t know what you are looking for you won’t find it (whoa! droppin more than fashion knowledge. That is so true in many areas of life ). Get an idea of an outfit you are going for, maybe you saw it in a magazine or on Pinterest, maybe you are just looking for one piece of that outfit; a scarf, the shirt, the shoes, the hat etc. Whatever it is, keep that in mind as your primary goal, you may stumble across something else you absolutely love and have to have along the way. This is okay.

Last summer I wanted white skinny jeans, after looking at a couple of retail stores I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, so I hit up Goodwill. BOOM.Brand NEW Converse white skinny jeans from Target. With the tag still on, thankyouverymuch.

photo by sarah barlow (only jeans and shoes were thrifted).

Denim is huge this year, and while normally I try to run in the opposite direction of what’s trendy, I succumbed to the denim craze. I wanted a long sleeve denim shirt. I was in a random city and I went into a random goodwill, ran through their shirt section and since I knew exactly what I was looking for it was a breeze to grab six different denim shirts (well 5 actually, I had to put back the one with Winnie the Pooh on the collar). Tried them on, picked the best one and I was outta there in 15 minutes!

photo by abe (same skinny jeans as before, head to toe thrifted outfit).


Some people think thifting is gross. Why would you want something someone else has worn? Well I say, you eat at a restaurant where a complete stranger has eaten off the same plate, silverware and drank out of the same glass as you. GROSS! No, it’s not, they have been washed. Simply wash your thifting finds when you get home. I am not saying you won’t come across some unclean stores once in a while, you will, but I am a germaphob (not really, but kinda) and I can handle it. Just remember to take your finest bottle of hand santi and WASH YOUR HANDS as soon as you are able. Have I scared you? Don’t be scared! Some vintage and thrift shops are literally THE CUTEST EVER, clean, super organized and most fun stores!


Just because you thrift doesn’t mean you’re poor! I honestly think the reason some people won’t venture into a goodwill is because they’re afraid to be seen there! Lose the complex. I love thrifting and finding a bargain. But, I am like every other girl, I like new clothes, designer cuts etc. If there’s something I really want, obviously I’m not going to wait for someone else to buy it, get tired of it, donate it and then try to find it at goodwill 5 years later. I’m probably gonna splurge on it. But sometimes you will find designer stuff at a thrift store. I have found BCBG dresses, Calvin Klien jeans and Steve Madden boots. It’s all about finding a perfect balance. Sometimes I will wear an outfit that has been head to toe thrifted. But most of the time I like to mix and match, thrifted and new, vintage and designer, splurge and save. It all goes back to what I was saying earlier about looking for one piece of your outfit. I may be wearing $100 boots and a $2 dress, but NOBODY.EVER.KNOWS. (psst, nobody cares!) They can never tell, they just know I look great! (: —Unless they ask me, then I become a total thirfting evangelist and love to show off the $2 dresses (:

Now go out there and THRIFT! I would SERIOUSLY LOVE to see what ya find! Feel free to send me pictures of the pieces you find and what outfits you’re creating! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE that!!!!!!!

Happy thrifting,


Tara - May 30, 2012 - 12:57 pm

Soooo agree with you on #3! Good tips!!!! Let’s have a thrifting date soon!

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